Amber Prins/Dood

Amber Prins has been a researcher with the OESL lab for more than two years.  She started as a summer intern in 2015 and has continued on and contributed much to the lab with her smiling, outspoken personality along with her research.  Among her accomplishments, she has presented several posters, given talks at the ACS National Meeting and the Schaap Symposium and her name is on a patent involving redox shuttles.  She is a 2015 graduate of Hope College and is continuing her studies this fall with a graduate fellowship in the PhD program in Chemistry (with research emphasis in chemical education) at the University of Southern Florida.  Amber has also recently become Mrs. Amber Dood.  Amber has a very bright future ahead of her and we wish her all the best.  We will miss you!  Enjoy Florida and good luck with your future.


Hope College Schaap Symposium

Hope College recently hosted the Schaap Symposium; a two day symposium featuring speakers and students from universities all over the country.  They generously invited our Organic Energy Storage Lab to participate.  Our researchers presented six posters and Amber Prins spoke to attendees about “Organic Materials for Energy Storage: Exploiting Steric Strain to Tune Oxidation Potentials”.  Our appreciation goes out to Hope College and Dr. Jason Gillmore for an excellent and notable symposium.

New Holland Brewery Tour

In June, we were given an excellent tour of the New Holland Brewery by Andrew Heyboer.  It was a very popular tour, enjoyed by all.  Beer is drinkable chemistry.  Thank you Andrew and thank you to Anna Wilhelm for the pictures.

LG Chem Holland battery plant tour

We visited LG Chem Holland and they treated our group to a fantastic tour of their facilities.  As battery researchers, seeing the production and assembly of the finished product is fascinating and gratifying.

Thanks to LG Chem and all of the people there that took the time for us.

Hope College Schaap Symposium July 20 – 21

OESL researchers will be presenting posters at the Hope College Schaap Symposium.

If you are interested in meeting them and learning more about their research, the poster session is open to the public.  Posters are in the Haworth ballrooms at 9:15 on Friday morning.

Stay tuned for more information about them and their research.

Summer 2017 BPW Natural Gas Energy Park Tour

We recently toured the Holland Energy Park’s new natural gas fired generating facility.  Thanks very much for an excellent, informative tour.  It is an extremely clean, well-planned facility that is a great addition to this community.  Here we are on top of the cooling tower platform…

MSUBI Lab Bench to Plant Workshop

Every year, our new interns participate in a great workshop put on by the staff at MSUBI.  It is a hands-on learning experience where participants work to scale up a biodiesel process from the lab to the plant.  Our students operate the pilot plant reactors, control systems and plant support systems to make biodiesel.  They learn about market conditions, environmental requirements, process safety management, and how to make a batch record.  They see all the plant equipment, and learn about product costing, maintenance, and materials management.  This is a unique opportunity to operate a production plant.