2019 Hope College Schaap Symposium

The 2019 Hope College Schaap Symposium was a huge two-day success and we were very honored to be a part of it.  Our group presented six posters and enjoyed many of the posters and presentations.  More information on the posters and research that was presented to come.

OESL at ECS Dallas

Tom Guarr, Anthony Porath and Andrew Rajewski traveled to Dallas to present two posters at the Electrochemical Society conference.  They ran into a former intern, Nora Shaheen, who is currently completing her PhD at Case Western.

Energy Storage: The Key to Clean, Reliable Electricity for Everyone | Tom Guarr | TEDxMacatawa

Here is a link to the TEDx talk that Tom Guarr recently performed.  Give it a listen to hear about the future of energy storage.  We are developing batteries that convert stored chemical energy into electrical energy for applications that can range from large utilities to single family dwellings.

http://Energy Storage: The Key to Clean, Reliable Electricity for Everyone | Tom Guarr | TEDxMacatawa

OESL at ACS Great Lakes

Some of the members of our lab are attending the American Chemical Society Great Lakes Regional meeting in Lisle, Il.

Anthony Porath is presenting “Multi-electron covalently linked donor/acceptor sytems for organic redox flow batteries”

Andrew Rajewski is presenting “Alkyl-linked heterocyclic donor / imide acceptor systems for symmetric nonaqueous redox flow battery applications”

Tom, Anthony and Andy also had the pleasure of meeting Sir J. Fraser Stoddart, 2016 Nobel Laureate in Chemistry…

Summer 2019 Internship Announcement

Tulip time will be here soon and that means… internships are starting!

The following students are joining us at the Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute Organic Energy Storage Laboratory for the summer of 2019:

Michael Giurini – Biochemical Engineering student at Hope College

Zachary Lincoln – Graduating with a Chemistry degree from Alma College

Tara Vogel – Physics student at University of Chicago

Isabelle Zelaya – Chemistry student at University of Michigan

Welcome to all of our new researchers.  We are very excited about the summer!

And a delayed welcome to Kassia Symstad!

We are very happy to welcome Kassia Symstad to our lab.  She actually joined us in November 2018 and I am very late in updating our website.  Kassia is a University of Chicago grad with a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.  She plans to continue her education next year and we are excited about her pending electrochemical contributions to the OESL.

Shane Mann

Another stellar research and lab guru is moving on to further education….

Shane started with the OESLab as an intern during the summer of 2015.  He continued on to graduate from Central Michigan University and started working for us full time in January 2017.  In the two years he has worked here he has mentored two summers of interns and made huge contributions to all of our research, but primarily organic flow cell electrolytes.  Beyond the numerous research contributions that Shane has made, he has been a MAJOR asset to the lab as far as organization, operation, and publications.

Shane started grad school at Pittsburg State University in January.  Congratulations and kudos to Shane.  His future is very bright.

Thanks for spending part of your journey with us.