Tom Guarr

Tom Guarr is director of Research and Development at the Organic Energy Storage Laboratory at the Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute. His current research is focused on using organic materials for various types of electrical energy storage.

Examples of ongoing projects include work toward the synthesis of “redox shuttles” to prevent overcharging in lithium batteries, the development of novel “redox flow” batteries for grid storage applications and the use of conductive polymers as active supercapacitor materials.

Other active projects involve the synthesis of new luminescent organic materials and the development of inexpensive biosensors. Several catalysis projects are also planned.

  • Benedictine College, Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry, 1979
  • University of Rochester, Master of Science in┬áChemistry, 1982
  • University of Rochester, Doctor of Science in┬áChemistry, 1984
  • California Institute of Technology, Postdoctoral Fellow, 1984-86