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Summer 2017 BPW Natural Gas Energy Park Tour

We recently toured the Holland Energy Park’s new natural gas fired generating facility.  Thanks very much for an excellent, informative tour.  It is an extremely clean, well-planned facility that is a great addition to this community.  Here we are on top of the cooling tower platform…

MSUBI Lab Bench to Plant Workshop

Every year, our new interns participate in a great workshop put on by the staff at MSUBI.  It is a hands-on learning experience where participants work to scale up a biodiesel process from the lab to the plant.  Our students operate the pilot plant reactors, control systems and plant support systems to make biodiesel.  They learn about market conditions, environmental requirements, process safety management, and how to make a batch record.  They see all the plant equipment, and learn about product costing, maintenance, and materials management.  This is a unique opportunity to operate a production plant.


Dr. Hyejin Park

The OESL lab is pleased to announce that Dr. Hyejin Park has joined us.  Hyejin has a PhD in Materials Engineering from Auburn University in Alabama.  She received her BS from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago.  She lives in Holland with her husband and two year old son.

Welcome Hyejin, we are glad you have joined us.

PittCon in Chicago

This week our lab personnel visited Chicago and the PittCon Expo.  They brought back some pictures:

Hyejin with a frog that has been trained to wear safety glasses…

Nick and Shane with…  (?)

Okay, I’m glad everyone had fun, now back to work. 🙂

Shane Mann

Shane Mann is joining us as a researcher for the OESLab.  He comes to us as a recent graduate of Central Michigan University.

And a quick throwback to when Shane was a 2015 summer intern with the OESLab…

Jolt Energy Storage Technologies – Innovation in Action

Lakeshore Advantage put together a great video highlighting Jolt, the energy storage company using the technology developed by Tom Guarr and the OESLab.  It also provides a peek into the lab and the pilot plant here at the MSU Bioeconomy Institute.



Summer 2016 Evaluation Comments

We got some very positive comments on our anonymous intern evaluations from last summer.  Here are a few…

Q:  Did you find the experience valuable?

A: This was one of the best experiences I’ve had that allowed me to see the environment that an organic chemist might be working in.

A:  I learned a lot about synthesis techniques and the importance of reproduceable results.  I also learned a lot about reaction planning and time management.  Overall, a very valuable experience.


Q:  What did you like most about the summer research experience?

A: I enjoyed the freedom to make a lot of research decisions independently while periodically checking in with Dr. Guarr.  I also like the freedom to get our 40 hours in many different ways.

A: The freedom to go in new directions with the project and being able to work with other students so that you could ask their opinions when making certain decisions.

A:  Learning about how what we’re doing in this lab will be applied to engineer better solutions for future technology.  Also, the people I met!

A:  I most liked working with Dr. Guarr and my lab mates.  Everyone here was very fun, kind, and intelligent.  I also really liked our well-rounded experience, with tours at New Holland Brewing, Gentex, and a presentation from a patent attorney.

A: Research + volleyball


Q:  Would you recommend the MSUBI Summer Intern program to others?

A: Absolutely!


Thank you for the kind words and additionally for the helpful feedback and suggestions you provided.  We will take your suggestions under advisement and continue to improve this program.