Monthly Archives: June 2017

Summer 2017 BPW Natural Gas Energy Park Tour

We recently toured the Holland Energy Park’s new natural gas fired generating facility.  Thanks very much for an excellent, informative tour.  It is an extremely clean, well-planned facility that is a great addition to this community.  Here we are on top of the cooling tower platform…

MSUBI Lab Bench to Plant Workshop

Every year, our new interns participate in a great workshop put on by the staff at MSUBI.  It is a hands-on learning experience where participants work to scale up a biodiesel process from the lab to the plant.  Our students operate the pilot plant reactors, control systems and plant support systems to make biodiesel.  They learn about market conditions, environmental requirements, process safety management, and how to make a batch record.  They see all the plant equipment, and learn about product costing, maintenance, and materials management.  This is a unique opportunity to operate a production plant.