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Research Position Available

A research position is available in the lab of Dr. Thomas Guarr at the Michigan State University Organic Energy Storage Laboratory in Holland, MI. An ideal candidate will have experience in the areas of organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and device design. This position will also assist with the lab’s summer internship program, working with undergraduate interns and their research projects.

Researchers have opportunities to publish papers, give poster presentations and travel to symposia and conferences. Several have made important contributions to inventions and are listed as co-inventors on international patent applications. Many employees and interns have chosen to continue their research at graduate schools that include MSU, University of Michigan, UNC, Notre Dame, Clemson, and Purdue among others. Past employees and interns have gone on to be a Fulbright Scholar or work at National Labs like Argonne National Laboratory and technology companies such as Bend Research in Bend, OR.

Our researchers are usually interested in furthering their education but desire getting more extensive research and experience for a year or two before continuing onward.

All prospective candidates are encouraged to apply by emailing their CV and the contact information of references to Laura Ives at The review of applications will begin immediately and will continue until the position is filled. To learn more about the OESL group, please visit our website at

Summer 2018 internship announcement

Spring is very slow to come here in Holland, MI.  The temps have been in the 30s and low 40s and we have had snow nine days out of the last eleven days.  Therefore, we are skipping spring and going directly to the summer announcements:

The following students have been confirmed Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute Organic Energy Storage Laboratory interns for the summer of 2018:

Brittney Duford – Chemical Engineering student at Michigan Technological University

Bridget O’Connell – Chemical Engineering student at Michigan Technological University

Nora Shaheen – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering graduate from Ohio State University

Also joining us this summer:

Anthony Porath – Graduate of Alma College and former 2017 summer intern

We are very excited about this summer!  There is big news coming out of this lab.  Stay tuned for the next update!

Summer Internship postions available for 2018

*** Please note:  All intern positions have been filled for summer 2018 ***

Look for a posting at your University or College job site.  If it is not posted there, please feel free to apply by providing:

  • Resume
  • Cover letter indicating area of research of greatest interest to you
  • Minimum of one reference
  • List of college level science courses you have completed

Email to Laura Ives at

2017 Summer Program Success

Each summer we ask for anonymous feedback from our researchers.  Below are a few comments we received:

  • I loved the work environment here at MSUBI.  All the employees here were great and very helpful.  My favorite part was meeting new people and making some life long friendships.
  • The project was geared towards my general understanding experience and future use of skills.  It was definitely assigned in the direction of my interests.
  • Communication was on-going, so if changes needed to be made or difficulties with the project were present then adjustments were made.
  • The experience provided a valuable practice for graduate school lab practices.  Work was independent but help from those with more experience could be sought out.
  • I enjoyed my colleagues the most out of the internship.  They are all very intelligent and great for advice and seeking information.  The tours were also super interesting because I had never seen this type of chemistry application before.  I loved it.
  • Science takes time.  Reactions will run and fail, staying optimistic is the real skill to develop with the research because it does not go perfectly according to plan.
  • This was a great 10 week program.  I loved working here and will be very sad to leave.  Working here has been the best experience I have ever had.
  • I will be letting my department know about the program.

Suggestions for improvement?

  • Maybe go kayaking or mini golfing.

Great suggestion.  I like the way you think.

Thanks to all of our summer researchers.  Some great advances were made this summer and it was due to your hard work.  We are excited about the future applications of your research, and we are also very excited about your futures!  We had a great summer and I’m glad to hear from your comments that you did too.  Please keep in touch, you know where to find us…

Spring at MSUBI

Welcome to spring at MSUBI.  The Holland area is particularly beautiful this time of year.  Even the tulips are blooming already and the whole town is preparing for the Tulip Time festival.

We are also ready to welcome our researchers for the summer:

Rachel Beltman – Graduate of University of Detroit Mercy

Korey Cook – Graduate of Hope College

Anthony Porath – Student at Alma College

Anna-Catharina Wilhelm – Graduate of Michigan Technological University

Congratulations to Rachel, Korey, Anthony and Anna.  We are excited to get to work with you.

Research Laboratory Chemist Position

Please note, these positions have been filled.  Profiles of our new researchers to come….

The Organic Energy Storage Laboratory at the Michigan State University Bioeconomy Institute in Holland, MI is posting a full-time position for a Research Laboratory Chemist.  The candidate will perform original research in energy storage involving organic synthesis, analytical chemistry, electrochemistry and spectroscopy.

This position will also assist with the lab’s summer internship program, working with undergraduate interns and their research projects.

A successful candidate will consider organic chemistry their favorite class and lab, and enjoy synthesis and working in a lab setting.  Chemistry degree preferred, recent graduates feel free to apply.

Send cover letter, resume and letter of recommendation to Laura Ives at