Monthly Archives: October 2018

Tom Guarr and Jolt Energy win Ocean Exchange Orcelle Award

Congratulations to Tom Guarr for being presented the 2018 Ocean Exchange Orcelle Award on October 9th in Savannah, Georgia!

The WW Orcelle® Award 2018 $100,000 USD is given to the solution that can make our logistic operations more sustainable by advancing high-efficiency or zero-emission technologies that are commercially viable.

AIMES 2018 in Cancun

The Americas International Meeting on Electrochemistry and Solid State Science was held in Cancun this year.  Dr Tom Guarr and Shane Mann from the OESLab attended with Dr Adina Dumitrascu and Dr Dan Henton from the Midland St. Andrews lab.  Shane and Adina presented posters. 

The summer of 2018 = the summer of the female chemical engineer

There has been a lot of push lately to get women involved in the STEM fields, and if our lab is any indication, it seems to be working.  This summer we had three female chemical engineers join our lab as interns…. and that was our entire cohort of interns.  Brittney, Bridget and Nora were all great contributors.  Although the OESL is primarily involved in organic chemistry synthesis, we have found that many of the successful “synthesizers” are engineers.  We also bring them aboard for more traditional engineering roles like economic analysis and battery cell design and construction.

The summer of 2018 presented a challege for Tom Guarr, our principal researcher, as he had to split his time between the OESL and Argonne Labs.  But many people stepped in to help lead our lab to a great summer.  Many thanks to Nick Mortimer, Shane Mann, Jason Gillmore and Anthony Porath for stepping in and ensuring success.