Summer 2019 Wrap-up

Thanks for a great summer and another great intern group!

After tours, poster sessions, a lot of research and a lot of ice cream, we got some good feedback for next year.  It is good to know that everyone that filled out the evaluation form would recommend the MSUBI Summer Intern program to others.  Below are some other comments we received…

What I liked most?  Doing actual relevant science!  and working with projects where I have some control over the direction, priorities and techniques…  I liked having ownership of a project, in the sense that I had to decide what direction to go in and had some guidance but also the chance to pursue avenues that caught my eye….  I liked the opportunity to work towards something with a real-life application that’s realistic and impactful.

Were expectations reasonable?  Yes, I think that like any research position progress isn’t always linear, but clear goals were set and progress was reported while suggestions were given to help toward those goals.

Was the project interesting?  Yes, it allowed me to expand my scientific knowledge by doing some inorganic synthesis and learning new electrochemical techniques.

Was the experience valuable?  Absolutely!