Nick Mortimer

Nick is a long-time research guru and veteran of our lab.  He is young, but he is as seasoned and experienced as researchers get here at MSUBI.  Nick is a graduate of GVSU and has been a researcher here for four years.  During that time, he has contributed in countless ways to the progress of the research and the good vibes at our lab.  He has been a mentor to many, many undergraduate researchers and graduate students.  He has presented many posters and has his name on a rechargeable lithium ion cell patent application.  He has been such an integral part of the OESL for so long, we may forget how to operate without him.

Nick is getting married to the lovely Leah Campau and we wish them all the best for their future.  After the marriage they are going on an epic honeymoon in the far east and then settling in Colorado to plan their future together.  Colorado is lucky to get Nick.  Whatever he decides for his future, whether it be further employment in the Chemistry field, or expanding his already successful sunglasses/watch business, he will be assured to have a great future.

Thanks for the years of service Nick, and enjoy your promising future!