Shane Mann

Shane joined us in January this year from Central Michigan University.  He has been researching and synthesizing full time for us ever since.

Multifunctional pyridinium systems for non-aqueous redox flow batteries;  Shane Mann, Nick Mortimer, Anthony Petty II, Jessica Scott, Dr. Tom Guarr*

Long-term, reliable energy storage on an industrial scale requires a battery system that is both incredibly cost efficient while also exceptionally simple to maintain over time. A proposed solution to large-scale energy storage is to reduce the cost and environmental impact of grid storage through the use of sustainable electrochemically active organic compounds.

The development of stable catholyte and anolyte materials for organic redox flow batteries (ORFB) minimizes the proliferation of toxic transition metal compounds, while simultaneously affording added assurance to nearby population centers in the event of any spill or leak. In order to maximize power output and meet modern electrical demands, we have developed a series of multi-electron, quinoidal systems. Using substituted polycyclic heterocycles such as phenothiazines or carbazoles in conjunction with extended bispyridinium anolytes, practical ORFBs have been developed.

Great work Shane, keep on developing new compounds and keeping us busy.